Download and install a WordPress theme from ThemeForest

Purchasing WordPress theme from ThemeForest is one thing but Download and install a WordPress theme from ThemeForest is second part and this is what we will be talking about today, let’s jump in

#1. Download theme from the ThemeForest

After purchasing an item in the ThemeForest new menu element “Downloads” will appear on your account page. Once we jump in this page we will see all our purchases here. Each item has green drop-down “Download” button so we can choose to download full package or download only installable files. See the image:

Don't forget to login into your account to see "Downloads"
Don’t forget to login into your account to see “Downloads”

#2. Installing theme from ThemeForest

After we downloaded full package from the marketplace (All files & Documentation), we have to unzip it retrieve the only installable folder from inside, folder name usually is the name of the purchased item.

Once we have an installable file (This will be a .zip file), we can head to WordPress and install it, in WordPress dashboard menu > Appearance > themes click “Add new” and then You will be prompted to choose the zip file that you downloaded earlier. Select the file and click Install Now. here is the screenshot:

Wordpress theme install dialog
WordPress theme install dialog
Wordpress theme install dialog
WordPress theme install dialog

Once our theme is installed, we will see a success message along with the link to activate it. Just click Activate link to complete the installation of the theme.

#3. Install required and recommended plugins (optional)

After theme activation, we will see some notifications from the theme. This might be the welcome note, plugin installation warning or even advertisement. Premium themes from Themeforest very often use plugins to extend their functionality and nowadays it’s almost impossible to create a premium theme without third party plugins, (Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider and many others).

plugins installation notice looks like this:

Additional plugin installation notice
Additional plugin installation notice

And once we click on “Begin installing plugins” we will jump on this screen: (We can also go directly in WordPress menu > appearance > install plugins)

Install Required Plugins ‹ Almaak — WordPress

We just need to select all plugins from the list and them from “bulk actions”


That’s all. Now you have your theme and plugins installed. It’s time to discover theme features and setup the theme. For the specific theme, please follow the corresponding documentation of the theme.

Center YouTube video in WordPress

Actually, this comes up quite often with people depending on how your WordPress site is setup and what theme you are using, this might seem like a very small and easy thing, by default iframe will be left aligned because its block level element and its normal if you see it on the left side

Follow this quick steps below on how to center your YouTube videos.

Step 1: 

let’s get iframe code from one of video from youtube, you need to click share button under video and then embed link:

Step 2:  

now, go ahead to your WordPress post/page editor and switch to text mode and past the code:

Iframe code:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

after this your video will be left aligned, like this:

Step 3:  

and finally, if we want to center video on the page we need to wrap it in the div element with css style text aligned to center, final code looks like this:

<div style="text-align: center;"><iframe width="460" height="215" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

and this is the result:


Hopefully, this short little tutorial on how to center YouTube embed is helpful! If so, feel free to comment below.

Can’t activate included plugins

I saw a many questions, about activation of included plugins, such is a revolution slider, visual composer, essential grid and more,  i decided t create this topic regarding this question

shortly – unfortunately, you can’t activate those included plugins by the theme purchase key, but this is absolutely not a problem, why?

A. You will get update along with the theme update, we will test new version of the plugin and if everything i safe we will include it in the theme update,
B. You can use those plugins without any restriction, all functions is enabled and you will not have any problem with it
C. this is normal process, all theme authors who includes plugins in their themes they do the same, so far there is no other way
D. if after update of the plugin you still have not latest version of the plugin this means yet we have not tested latest version or it was released after our theme update and you should wait for next theme update
E. Anyway if you want to have activate plugin in your dashboard you can buy them from Code canyon

so, we see this is not the end of the world ?

Probably this is the most answered question during my support carrier 🙂

How to ask proper support question

Hi there

in my posts i will be as short as possible, i will not start or end with dummy and content and standard procedures

at this time its more than 4 years as I’m working as a customer happiness specialist, in my career i helped more than 50k customers, (Yes 50.000 customers) and during this time i learned their behavior, how they see the problem how they reporting it and behave in problem resolution period. if you are one of the customers who needs help and wants to ask support question make sure you consider this suggestion, please note, this is from my experience and im not using ideas from other sources from the web, here we go:

Before asking a question

Make sure you there is something big and you don’t have enough level of knowledge to fix it and only after this thing about to open a support ticket. there is a standard procedure about how to troubleshoot WordPress problems, everything is included in this 1-minute video:

Troubleshooting WordPress in 60 Seconds

After we done this and we can’t identify the problem we can think about to open a support ticket in the support board, i will bring several examples of very bad starting and good starting of the support question,

things to consider:

How to not start support question:
1. “I have the same question” – this very often starts of the support question or customers are jumping in others ticket with this question, simple this is the very unprofessional and dummy starting, why?

  • in 80% cases, customers do to have the same problem, they simply don’t know what problems they have
  • this requires another more attention from the support guy, the ticket is extending and it becomes more complicated, imagine what happens if  3-4 customers jumped with this question?
  • this is very bad for the ticket initiator, someone started his own ticket and this is really not good if you are eating on someone’s table, so go ahead and open your ticket

2. Asking a question without necessary details – very often customers is coming with the only question and nothing more something like this “on my website CTA not working” … i want to say for this customers:

  • We don’t know what is “CTA” for you, or what you mean in it
  • We don’t know where your problem is and how to reach it
  • Lastly, we are not magicians and we don’t have supernatural power to understand what is in your mind,

3. Providing a history of the earth and your problem – starting your ticket about how you started web design, how you deployed the project into the server, then how you installed WordPress and tried the first theme and plugins and then how you pointed the real domain to the project….. good stop, please … all this things is really not necessary, moreover it makes your problem even more complicated and its sometimes very hard to understand you where the actual problem is, so please consider, tell only about your problem and nothing more, no need how you started or finished, we only need brief description of the problem

4. Can I use the different symbol in milestone counter? or can I add one more element? or is it possible to change image here? and more – yes, there comes tons of similar questions when customers is asking about something like this “can I switch of light in this room”, the answer is very very simple, “Go ahead and try” the earth will not stop if you break something

and so and so, there is no end for dummy questions 🙂

so, How to start support question in a proper way? here is some good manners and best practices from my experience

  1. First of all always try to search – this is first thing you need to do before asking something, most probably your question is already resolved and you just need to find it, so instead of spending days on problem resolution you can save a lot of time
  2. always be as short as possible – indeed, it’s not necessary to start how this happened or when this started, simply tell your problem, just a brief description
  3. don’t include more than 3 or 4 question in one ticket – some people things support engineers are like robots and they can do anything in minutes, this is not true, reading and analyzing problem requires really big attention and if you put everything in one ticket most probably your support guys will not realizes his professionalism by 100%
  4. always include necessary links or screenshots – simply telling your problem is not always enough and will be good if you include a link to your website (Not homepage, link to the actual post/page) and a screenshot of the section or element you have a problem with, this will saves your time actually
  5. dont use others ticket – even you have “same problem” its better if you open your ticket and not dsother threads,


there is one small template of how to ask question, here is it:

i have this problem [problem description goes here] on this page [url of the page] you can see attached screenshot [here]

thats it nothing more, i hoppe you found something usefull in this blog and it helped to resolve your problem,

have a good day